Life is full of challenges that at times we begin to feel overwhelmed and unable to handle normal situations. Michelle creates an atmosphere that invites you to explore your struggles. Through the therapeutic process, we begin to understand yourself and your situation better and help you to respond in a healthier manner. Sometimes life’s challenges leave one paralyzed because of traumatic situations. Michelle specializes in helping clients recover from past, present, and future trauma. Using Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) as one technique, clients can eradicate physiological responses to traumatic triggers and begin to manage their lives better. Michelle helps veterans, active military, first responders, and anyone who has experienced larger scale traumas such as combat in war, military service, and Route 91 or traumas such as physical, sexual, emotional abuse, assaults, car accidents, and personal phobias.

Michelle also enjoys working with couples to better their marriage. By exploring the challenges faced between men and women in communication and natural differences, couples gain a better understanding of how to dance together rather than constantly stepping on each others’ toes. Michelle invites couples both willing and ready to work together and stop the madness of being each other’s enemy. Michelle has helped those recovering from infidelity, addictions, divorce, and those wanting to better their connection, intimacy, and communication. She also works with engaged couples wanting premarital counseling.

Whether you are experiencing trauma, marital conflict, anxiety, depression, grief, or life transitions, Michelle is ready to explore and listen with empathy and understand your particular situation. She graduated from Bethel Seminary in San Diego and realizes the importance of integrating faith in the therapeutic process to address the fullness of a person through a biopsychosocialspiritual perspective.

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