Hello! I am Debra Valentine, and I am a licensed marriage and family therapist here at the Avery Centre. I have been working in the field for 13 years and am very passionate about helping clients meet their goals. I have a B.S. degree in Human Services from Cal State Fullerton and a M.S. degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Loma Linda University.

I have extensive training and experience in working with clients struggling with substance use, sex addiction, trauma, depression, anxiety, serious mental health disorders, and self-esteem building, just to name a few.

My treatment philosophy is influenced by my belief in the importance of treating clients through a systemic perspective. While much of my therapy is derived from a humanistic approach, I am skilled in assessing the needs of my clients and demonstrate flexibility in providing interventions and strategies that are best suited for each individual.

Phone: (909) 597-2226
Fax: (909) 597-2255
5871 Pine Ave., Suites 110, 130, & 230
Chino Hills, CA. 91709